Relieve your stress and back pain with memory foam pillow

Our busy schedule and prolonged working hours where we have to spend long hours facing the computers or laptops causes stress associated with neck and back. When you go back home after a hard day’s work and lay down on your bed to relax and relieve the back pain, you may further worsen the scenario if you are lying on a spring mattress and a lumpy pillow. But to alleviate the situation, advanced technology has introduced a specially crafted memory foam pillow for back pain, which can mitigate and reduce the suffering of those afflicted with neck and back pain.

How it works:

The name itself suggests that it is a pillow specially designed to contour itself to provide a better posture during sleep. It shapes itself according to the configuration of your head and neck to relax your muscles and pressure points which in turn helps to reduce and eventually get rid of the stubborn back pain.

According to the shape, there are two types of memory foam pillow for back pain – the first one comes in conventional design and shape, and aligns with the neck and head to increase your comfort. The other type of pillow resembles a valley shaped structure and gives support to the spine. But regardless of which pillow you opt for, you will not be able to experience all its benefits if you continue to sleep on the same mattress- be it coir, foam or pocket spring. Human body is naturally curvy, which makes it difficult to adjust to the flat surface of the mattress causing pressure to accumulate on the hips, shoulders and knees. So you should also change your mattress and get a new one of the same materials as your pillows to enhance your overall sleeping experience.

Tips to choose a good memory foam pillow:

First of all, you should choose the pillow that cools down easily. This type of pillow is designed to utilise the body warmth as a component of its functionality, but if it doesn’t discharge this warmth, it can be uncomfortable to sleep. Pillows with a cooling technology typically have an inner and outer layer made of various materials. Outer layer allows the pillow to breathe and keeps it cool to offer you a comfortable sleep.

Secondly, you should select hypoallergenic pillows and covers as these prevent harmful substances to build up that may be a breeding place for dust mites. A hypoallergenic pillow keeps away allergy causing germs and saves you from breathing problems or other allergic reactions when you sleep.

Thirdly, you must opt for a high density memory foam pillow for back pain and also ensure that it is made of 100% visco- elastic foam or polyurethane. The denser the pillow, the better sleeping experience you will get. It is advisable to opt for a thickness ranging from 3 to 4lbs every square inch.

Sometimes, changing a pillow can bring about big difference in your life; this special pillow is imbued with all the positive qualities for bettering your life.